Zielone ściany z mchu (en translation)

Green moss walls

Green moss walls

Green walls are compositions made of 100% natural mosses, lichens and stabilized plants – an indispensable element of a modern interior, introducing a touch of nature.
Green walls do not require sunlight, watering or fertilization, they do not grow and do not wither – they are permanently preserved, maintaining a fresh appearance for years. Our offer includes spongy and flat forest moss and reindeer weevil, which can be used to create any composition, pattern or logo.

The only limitation in their application is your imagination. We prepare our moss walls in the form of panels, which are very easy to assemble on your own, they can be mounted on any surface – smooth or irregular, vertically or horizontally. Green walls look beautiful in public spaces, offices, showrooms and galleries, as well as in private homes. Moss walls are an ideal solution for people who appreciate nature and greenery in their surroundings, but do not have time to care for live plants.

Reindeer weevil

Reindeer weevil is a lichen harvested in Scandinavian countries and subjected to a stabilization process, a natural method of stopping the plant’s life activities. The structure of hornwort is very fluffy, spongy. Hawthorn is soft to the touch and behaves like a sponge. It is available in many colors.

Reindeer weevil does not require watering or access to light – it only requires humidity between 40-70%.


Sponge moss

Sponge moss, like flat moss, is imported from northern Europe, and is protected in Poland. Also subjected to a stabilization process. It is distinguished by an interesting structure resembling round pads. The use of sponge moss on the wall gives it an unusual three-dimensional effect.

In order for the moss to look great for many years it is necessary to provide it only with air humidity of 40-70% – this is the optimal range for humans as well. Moss independently draws water from the environment, keeping a fresh appearance.

Flat moss

Forest moss is a moss commonly found in the forests of Europe, but in Poland it is under protection.

The moss used in our arrangements comes from the forests of northern Europe, where its harvesting is legal . It undergoes a stabilization process, and the resulting raw material has the necessary quality certificates.

Forest moss (flat) imported from Norway differs in structure and volume from moss coming from Poland. Its structure is compact and flat.


  • in public space buildings
  • in galleries
  • in aesthetic medicine offices and beauty and hairdressing salons
  • in restaurants
  • in private residences and homes

Properties of green walls

  • product of 100% natural origin
  • natural indicator of air humidity
  • anti-allergenic and ecological
  • regulates the microclimate of the room ( air filtration, moisture absorption)
  • does not attract insects
  • soundproofs rooms ( disperses sound waves)
  • antistatic – does not attract dust
  • resistant to mold and other fungi

Moss wall - how to use it

  • do not water – the moss is stabilized, it does not need water to live
  • do not trim – the moss does not grow, you do not need to shorten it
  • do not peel – the detached piece of moss will no longer grow
  • do not expose to light – moss does not like the sun