Zielony dom (en translation)

Green house

Greenhouse Design

Easy way to fill the interior with calm and harmony? Let us introduce plants to your life. We provide comprehensive services in the scope of greenery indoor arrangement. Our team will take care of green and natural accents in your home, office, conference room, reception or lobby. During space arrangement we select the right place for your plants – depending on their needs and preferences. Our services also include plant delivery, planting and maintenance after. 

We offer various types of solutions in the field of greenery arrangement:

  • flowerpots design
  • evergreen moss wall  
  • live pictures

Plant selection

Plants in the room must be chosen in strict accordance with the prevailing conditions like lightning, humidity, or temperature. We have access to various species - gentle and small or spreading and large. Plants need various care treatments. Some of them like higher humidity and periodic spray irrigation and the others - quite the opposite - well resist to prolong draughts.

How do we choose plants?

  • depending on design preference
  • depending on the amount of space
  • based on the amount of time devoted to care treatments
  • depending on lightning conditions

Planters selection

Concrete, metal, ceramic or made from recycled materials? Square or round? What pot should I choose? Each plant has its own individual preferences. The proper planter will help you deal with the right plant treatment. Our offer includes a number of flower pots models in various sizes at different price points. 

In our offer you can find:

  • plastic pots and planters
  • resin pots and planters
  • pots and planters made from recycled materials
  • ceramic pots and planters
  • concrete pots and planters

Interior Greenery Design

We believe that Interior design is not only a selection of appropriate furniture, lighting and accessories. Good greenery arrangement is key to success. Our offer includes plants in various forms depending on design preference.

In our offer you can find:

  •  freestanding planter
  • live pictures
  • vertical gardens 
  • freestanding panels
  • individual plants.

Maintenance and supply

We provide comprehensive services in the scope of greenery indoor arrangement. 

Our offer includes:

  • Green project - we will make a design based on the species requirements like lightning conditions, air humidity or thermal conditions. Everything with the attention to emphasize the potential of your home. 
  • Planters selection - after plant selection it is the best time to choose the right planters. Our offer includes pots in various sizes and rich colors. 
  • Visualization - enables us to visualize the effect of our work and helps make corrections. 
  • Plant maintenance and supply - our services includes plant delivery and execution of the project (plan)