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Green office

Office greenery design

Office greenery design

Plant’s aren’t only great living decor in your indoor space. They provide good lighting, soil moisture, the supply of nutrients and access to fresh air. As we know, plants absorb carbon dioxide, and then breathe out oxygen but some of the species also has the ability to absorb cigarette smoke. 

The presence of green plants will add charm and uniqueness to the room, enrich it with oxygen and create a unique microclimate. That in fact has a positive impact on work productivity and better feeling by employees. During space arrangement  we select the right place for your plants – depending on their needs and preferences. Our offer includes freestanding planters, live pictures, vertical gardens, freestanding panels or individual plants on people’s desks – whatever’s best for your office. 

Our projects:

Green office ‒ our offer

We provide comprehensive services in the scope of greenery indoor arrangement. Our team will take care of green and natural accents in your office, conference room, reception or lobby.

Our offer includes:

  • Green project – we will make a design based on the species requirements like lightning conditions, air humidity or thermal conditions. Everything with the attention to emphasize the potential of your office space. 
  • Planters selection – after plant selection it is the best time to choose the right planters. Our offer includes pots in various sizes and rich colors. 
  • Visualization – enables us to visualize the effect of our work and helps make corrections. 
  • Plant maintenance and supply – our services includes plant delivery and execution of the project (planting). After that phase it’s time to plant care like water replenishment or foliar spray.

Office arrangement - green walls

We offer various types of solutions in the field of office arrangement:

  • Evergreen moss wall – solution that is perfectly suitable for office spaces. Such compositions can have a different shape and size. What are the Benefits? These evergreen moss pictures and walls do not require light, water or ferti-lizer and what’s more, they’re soundproofing.
  • Live pictures – available in different sizes and two standard colors. Live Picture is a system with vertical plant cassettes that are easily interchangeable. It includes an integrated watering system with a reservoir. This ensures that the plants are supplied with water for four to six weeks.