Projektowanie ogrodów (en translation)



Green areas are a vital part of the environment and it is our belief that every person should have access to it. Green spaces improve air quality and positively affect the health and well-being of users. Well designed garden is a private green space that can be an extension of the house. With proper arrangement of the terrace we can bring to the interior a touch of nature.

Garden on the hill, Wroclaw

Forest Garden, Kępno

Modern garden with a large terrace, Bralin

Minimalistic contemporary garden, Kępno

Cascade garden with swimming pool, Gniewomirowice

Contemporary garden with a hint of lavender, Wroclaw

Modern garden with swimming pool and forest zone, Wrocław

Modern garden with slope, Wrocław


We offer a conceptual project of garden / terrace / balcony with the entire process executed online. Send us photos and dimensions of the place and we will prepare a project. 

You will receive a ready – made kit to create a garden on your own!

Package includes:

  • landscape plan – design elements, walkways, lawns,
  • plant design – detailed planting plan and plant schedule,
  • a table with the exact quantities and parameters of the plants to be ordered,
  • we will provide you with plants on special request or advice on where you can purchase them,
  • gardener’s guide – detailed action plan, planting method, and maintenance recommendations.


We direct this offer to clients who want to build their dream garden from a distance above 150 kilometers from Wroclaw.