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House Facade Design


We are concerned with designing house facades. We create projects for buildings of various shapes and sizes; new and old, single-family and multi-family houses. Depending on the client’s needs we create advanced projects using a variety of styles and materials. For more details we invite you to a live / online meeting. All the necessary details are in the contact tab.

Minimalist house facade design, Lipka

Minimalist house facade design, Wrocław

Modern house facade design, Dobrzyca

Modern house facade design, Żerniki

Modern house facade design, Rolantowice

Modern house facade design, Żerniki

House facade design - How do we work?

House facade design require special attention on several issues like:

  • technology of construction
  • neighborhood and its climate
  • close environment and its vibes
  • individual preferences
  • planned budget

During our first meeting we disuss all above and recommend optimum solutions tailored to specific requirements. Our customers share their vision  with us and we implement it with commitment, caring for and supporting projects at every stage of implementation. We provide a preliminary 3D model and two concept plans. One of the selected is being developed.  By the end of the process the client will receive facade views, materials and construction details and the rough estmimate.