Projekty terenów zieleni publicznej (en translation)

Urban green space planning


VerdeArt deals with comprehensive operations in the area of garden arragement.  Our offer is dedicated to individual and business customers. Our offer goes beyond garden desing services – we provide professional design services in the field of urban spaces. We’re well aware of the great value of the green spaces. We offer a wide range of designing services in an effort to create greener towns and cities.

Development of the area around the clinic , Wroclaw

Multi - level garden, Zachelmie

Development of the area for the Housing Cooperative, Wroclaw

Place of recreation with a functional playground, Baranow

Urban Space Design

Our goal is to provide you with modern and harmonious design. Each project is treated individually and with the same professionalism and care at every stage. 

For more details we invite you to a live / online meeting. All the necessary details are in the contact tab. Make your city greener and healthier than ever.


Our offer includes:

  • Land Development Project 
  • plant delivery and flowerpots design
  • Green design of communication routes
  • Construction documentation
  • Supervision over the project executed