Ogród wokół mieszkania parterowego, Wrocław (en translation)

Modern garden with a large terrace - Bralin


The designed garden around the single-story house was designed with respect to the Investor’s guidelines. Our task was to create a garden in a modern style, but with a naturalistic note. Part of the area was designed as a forest corner matching the natural surroundings of the plot.

On a sizable terrace we designated several usable zones. Here we found a place for a sauna, a table and a lounge set, and in the central part – beautiful perennial birch trees

The proposed plant species and varieties will change throughout the year. Plants will bloom “one by one”, all the time making the garden more attractive. The dominant colors are green and white flashed with purple accents.


  • Garden in naturalistic, modern style
  • Designing a leisure space, sheltered from the sight of neighbors and passersby
  • Naturalistic plantings based on native species